Monday, January 28, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

For Lahren's birthday we went to Disneyland, her most favorite place on earth.

Mom and Dad Abernathy joined us for Day 1. We had a blast running around and riding all our favorite rides.

Day 2 brought lots of rain so here we are soaking wet and sporting our ponchos. It was fantastic. The rain cleared out the park and we literally walked on every ride. WOO HOO!!

Since it was raining, and we were already wet, I convinced Will to ride Splash Mountain. The look on my face is because I suddenly realized, as we plunged to the bottom of the hill, that rain drops are much different then buckets of water flying through the air and landing right on top of us.

And you thought it was a kids ride!


Christina said...

Hello there Darling,
I just love those pics of Disneyland. I also wanted to be the first to write a comment.Love ya!

Kirstin said...

Yeah, Lahren has a blog! Your pictures of Disneyland made me so homesick for...well, for Disneyland :). Oh yeah, and for home, too. And you.

fluffystuff said...

Hi Lahren and Will, this is auntie Jeri. I am glad you are blogging . It is nice to know you had a good but soggy birthday. Love you bunches. J and the chickens