Monday, May 26, 2008

How many people do you know that...

How many people do you know that have fallen out of a 2nd story window?! Well, my count is now at two. Most of you know what happened to my aunt Rhonda. (She is doing very well, by the way, and has already taken her first steps since the accident in December.) So last week on Tuesday I got a phone call from Will saying that I needed to get to my brother and sister in-laws right away because my two year old nephew, Parker, had fallen out of a 2nd story window. He was upstairs sleeping and the next thing everybody knew was that the other two younger boys came running in yelling "Parker fell". Now fortunately he was ok and believe it or not the only thing he walked away with were some stitches above his eye and bruises. We feel so blessed that he was ok.

This is our poor little guy. He was so brave and he only cried when they numbed the area for stitches. I just could not believe that I now knew two people this had happened to, but apparently they told my bro and sis in-law at the hospital that in the summer time they average one child a day who has done something similar to this. It's hot so windows get left open and there is either furniture too close to the window or a toy that the child can crawl on to get to the window. They call the incidents "Failure to Fly". So there is the story of poor Parker's failure to fly.


Christina said...

Ya! I am glad you have updated. That is such a cute pic of Parker. I also liked your ultrasound pic. As you know we are all so excited for you and Will.