Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life! :)

Sometimes I wonder why I even have a blog! I just never seem to get to it. The last two months have brought some changes to our little family. Nothing to earth shattering, but some a big deal for us :)

First a shout out to Will! I know it's late, but Happy Father's Day to the best Husband and Dad I could ask for. Also, Will turned 31! We celebrated by going to the Wild Animal Park with our good friends Cavan and Andrea. It was so hot, but we had a great time! Then we had dinner with the mission president and his wife along with all the other ward mission leaders in our stake! It was amazing! Dinner was delicious and the presentation afterward was so powerful! Then on Sunday we had a special b-day dinner chosen by Will. Lasagna with Chocolate Angel Delight for dessert! YUMMMM! Will is still working at Ideal and will be going back to school soon.

I am still getting used to this mom thing! Every time I think I have it down I feel like I get thrown another curve. :) I also was called into our new Young Women's presidency as the 1st counselor. I feel so overwhelmed and excited at the same time! We have wonderful young women in our ward and I feel so grateful that I get to work with them. I'm also doing a little work from home which I'm really enjoying. We are still living at my parents, but we were finally able to sell the car so hopefully now we'll be able to get back out on our own. My parents have been amazing and I'm so grateful for the time that they have let us be with them.

Grant! What to say about the chunkster :) He is getting big, but what else is new. Actually, he didn't gain any weight between his 4 month appt. and his 6 month appt. which kinda freaked me out, but the doctor said he is fine! I'm just a worry wart! He is measuring about 29 inches and is almost 20 lbs. He has 6 teeth with two more coming in. He has been in the process of teething for almost 2 1/2 months. Every time I think that he is done another tooth pops through. He is a very smiley boy and is starting to laugh without us really having to work for it :) He loves Finding Nemo and if he is watching it and you step in front of the TV he will lean to the side to see around you. I think it is so funny, but I'm the mom so I know I'm biased! :) He is starting to understand how crawling works and I think he'll get it soon. He can almost pull himself up to a standing position if I put his hands on the crib rails. He is such a joy and we feel so blessed and lucky to have him!

The other thing I wanted to mention was the opportunity my mom had to sing the National Anthem at the Padre Game! It was amazing and I felt so proud that she was my mom! :) I got to be with her in the green room and down on the field so I could video tape the whole thing. We had soooooo much fun. The stadium was packed because they were playing the Dodgers and it was Manny Ramierez first night back! We made banners and t-shirts and a big group of us went to the game to hear her! While I was with here Will was at a CF banquet at the stadium sporting his Dodger jersey while meeting Heath Bell and Chris Young! He said they were the nicest guys and Heath Bell took a picture with Grant. While he was holding Grant he told him to throw up on Will's jersey! It was really funny and they had a good time giving each other a hard time :) The Dodgers won so Will was in Heaven! Did I mention we had a great time?! ;)

Well I was going to post pics, but Grant woke up and he is not happy! Hopefully later tonight when he is asleep!


Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

sounds like your life is very eventful! Grant is so cute and
I think he is looking more and more like you! Sounds like you guys are doing great!